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Australian Multiple award winning Psychic medium – Intuitive, empathic and wise – Joy Arena

“To know others is a blessing. To know yourself is enlightenment.” Quote Joy Arena

Joy Arena a Hall of Fame Inductee -professional psychic and intuitive life coach, has helped many to find their life purpose, and to have the strength to discover who they really are. Whether you need intuitive guidance, or someone that will listen, Joy is here to help you empower yourself in your own time. Awarded West Aust. Psychic of 2011.

Many seek Joys wisdom, and guidance when they wish to make sound decisions. Some of the reasons that many seek out Joy, is to know more about their relationship path, whether the path is to do with love, career, business, or everyday concerns. Others seek Joy Arena as they wish to try to communication questions and receive answers from those that have passed. This often brings peace and closure to those left on the earth plane.

Joy Arena also is the ambassador for an orphanage in Africa. Joy supports this small group, who rely on small donations and help from others in Australia, and other western countries.

Joy offers through her free weekly Facebook live sessions, through her Inspirational hope Joy Arena page. Joy chats about varied topics as requested by viewers and clients. Joy shares conversations, offers insight to some, and gives details on where the donations are being used.


Private sessions for spirit connection, card readings, information on up coming workshops, via on line chat, in person where available can be made by emailing or leave a message via sms or voice mail +61404275035