Joy Arena has been offering intuitive guidance, life coaching , mediumship, and oracle readings for more than 39 years. Multiple awards, have not changed Joy s friendly honest approach with each client. Testimonies state many praises and surprises as clients mention accuracy of predictions, inner emotional healing, and becoming more peaceful in their lives.

Life coaching is available from a spiritual perspective.

Business discussions help clients to choose their path, and decide on how to proceed with their ideas and plans.

Career and employment questions receive intuitive answers which then help you to know how to proceed on your journey.

Love and romance is up to you as you have free will. Joy can offer insight, and guidance, yet it is your choice as to what is best for you to decide on.

Those in spirit often wish to let you know they are ok and may have a message for you. ( Not guaranteed)Mediumship can take time, and energy. Bring open snd living with your attitude, can help the vibrations needed for spirit connections to be made.

Past life readings are available. An open relaxed mind, heart, and a relaxed atitude de can help the right vibrations to connect. Energy can flow through easily and helps Joy to offer further in depth information.