Medium – Spiritual life coach – Clairvoyant

Joy Arena has more than 40 years experience with offering  psychic services to the community and world wide. Joy knows that we all prefer different things in life, and have freedom of choice. Those that see Joy, Joy believes are meant to be connected with her for a reason

Joy Arena has earned a solid reputation due to her accuracy with predictions her inner healing gifts also connecting with spirits on the other side.Clients  may receive a message or a sense of peace  knowing their loved ones have moved on happily. Joy Arena is an expert intuitive Tarot reader  Joy has been a mentor for many psychics who now are excelling with their gifts in the community Joy Arena helps people with business career, seeing spiritually blockages which Joy Arena can cleanse and  clear. Joy gas astounded those that visit her ot see her online, and can’t wait to refer others and offer a wonderful testimony which encouraged Joy to continue teachings and healing through her workshops and tours throughout the world.

Awarded WA Psychic of the year 2011.

Psychic Hall of fame award for more than 30 years in the industry

Wisdom and dreams award for Excellence

Simon Turnbull award 2023

for the special connection with Joy accurately interpreted  communications through  words visions , signs, and technology.

Award Nominee Citizen of the year 2023   West Australia