Medium – Spiritual life coach – Clairvoyant

“Mediumship –   Spirit communication.
One person 330   extra person additional cost  80 –  extra 3rd person additional cost   70
Oracles and Tarot. An intuitive card reading Business Love Career guidance  with predictions
( clairvoyance) 1 hour 290
Mentorship  8 x 1 hour per week or fortnight guidance –  spiritual counsel in person, or online. Fortnightly phone call chat check-in                                  AUD 2000
Life coaching – Law of attraction  Self-love spiritual counsel.
Casual rate 1 hour                                                          340
Reiki combined Intuitive healing ( in a chair not intrusive) and Crystal healing including 40 min session.  160
Private classes /Workshops One on One varied options. Please send through your interest. Price to be advised.
Retreats. Postponed. Our last Retreat in Bali and a short break in Malaysia were wonderful!
Short and sweet! Small groups, alongside Joy Arena, experienced laughs, and relaxation and made new friends. This isn’t a full-on Vegetarian or Vegan experience, as you may choose your foods at your cost.  Flights too are to be booked at your leisure, or we can assist with this at a small cost. Hotels will offer a good rate should you wish to be included in a bulk booking and pre-pay the cost mentioned.
Please do not bring extra people in the middle of the break away if they are not booked in the original booking. Please note the thought behind the tours is for those wanting to enjoy the company of like-minded souls, and others to get out of their comfort zone and have the courage to meet new people.
Many have enjoyed the exploration of spiritual and historical places, even the frustration of waiting in traffic queues can be fun when you have someone to chat with!
Once at locations, you’ll. enjoy touring this amazing spiritual island, with friendly tour guides. The cost of transport during the week will be discussed before departure. Joy will be giving a short talk about her spiritual journey, and inspire you! Joy mentors many who have remained in touch with Joy, after the completion of her mentorship of Gram, consultations are always beneficial, and this encourages Joy to continue to be connected with her beautiful clients in Australia and abroad.
During weekend breaks and tours, Joy understands that each may have their agenda which is perfectly fine, however, there are no refunds for attraction transport and other sundries already prepaid by you.
Free time and choice to partake in holistic services are great for you to immerse yourself in the culture whilst knowing you can always reconnect with the group through the schedules given at the commencement of your break away.
This is an opportunity to meet others if you are feeling lonely and want to make friends. This is not a trip for those who wish to have firm arrangements in place. I believe in going with the flow. Daily morning meet-ups will be decided on the day of thought.
There are no pressures to attend before as it’s all up to you!  The option for a psychic reading from Joy Arena is offered should you wish to pre-book and pay for this before the tour date departures.
The next date for our 5-night break planned for  March now is Postponed until further notice. This is due to a lack of numbers and changes that of course are the priority for some of us. Details of her events posted.
For all clients interested in retreats and tours, please add your name to my list by emailing your preferred location, dates, and what you would like to enjoy during a 5  or 10-day tour.  Email,  In the subject line, please write TOURS and your message. Thank you