Readings are varied dependent on what a psychic is comfortable to offer you, with the intention of giving you sound accurate information.

Coffee grind readings, (Available by Eleni at our Serenity psychic events in WA) These are amazingly accurate. I have experienced it, and Eleni was very spot on to date with what was ahead. Runes are also available at our Psychic events, with Beverley. Very to point and interesting plus I resonated with her reading. Tarot with Ash, her style and explanations were good, with Ash being new to reading for the public, I was happy and know she defintely she has insight and has grown in confidence. Some have asked whether they could partake in future events, at this stage we arent taking on board inexperienced, due to reasons. After meditating on this, it is best to complete a few weeks with Joy at one of her workshops prior to joining in. The workshops can be done on line and explain a few things with you also seeing if events are really for you and the right time too. I love helping others and don’t wish to make these events about competing or feeling resentful. Its about the guests receiving what they need. I am grateful the readers that came to me were all through one who knew the others and experienced. Mel is gorgeous too, a beautiful healer, as the others and gives wonderful Oracle card readings with accuracy.

Lisa is a healer and tarot reader, She has a bubbly personality and very empathic to others. I will receive a reading at the next fair. I will be there hosting, and please do try the girls, I believe they were sent to me, after I had put out to the universe of my intentions. Currently not taking on readers (do enquire if you have read with Joy’s group) New to industry you may get in touch if you’d like to join one of Joy’s beginner reader workshops prior (No public experience only) to see if reading for any events is really for you. It all starts with the right intention.